Although most referrals to your facility come from health care professionals, the importance of reaching out to the community at large is crucial. Our marketing team will research and find the best, most cost effective ways to reach out to community influencers, such as clergy, senior services providers, local community boards and others who are the most likely source of new referrals.

Developing the right message and making sure you stay on message in all your marketing material are the goals of our marketing efforts. Is your online presence strong, consistent and targeted? Are your print ads warm and inviting? Is your marketing material written in the language your target market speaks? Have you invited the community into your facility for events? Are you a presence at important community events? All of these questions are answered as we reach out to the people in the community who are the decision makers about long term or short term care.

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  •  Press releases and articles in local and national publications
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  •  ViewDirect mail
  •  ViewWebsites/Seo
  •  Print and e-newsletters
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  •  Patient surveys and patient follow up
  •  Customer satisfaction training and tracking
How we reach out to professional referrals
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